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Common fear that people experience include arachnophobia, the fear of spiders; acrophobia, the fear of heights; claustrophobia, the fear of close spaces; and mysophobia, the fear of germs, notes Everyday Health. People with such fears know they exist, but are often unable to cope or rid themselves o


Some things to do in Cape Fear include visiting a slew of museums, exploring the Tregembo Animal Park and Serpentarium, touring the Battleship North Carolina and stopping at historical sites. Tourists can also lounge along the beaches and participate in water activities.


Take these steps to get to know your fears before you can overcome them. We live in a society defined by its insecurities. We fear the loss of our jobs, our health, our money, our relationships, our sense of control. Here is a sampling of some less common fears to illustrate how far human fears reac


Why can’t we stop for moment and see things for the actual way that they are? It all has to do with fear. A technologist and writer who shares advice on personal productivity, creativity and how to use technology to get things done. Read full profile We are busier than ever. Technology is leading us


Fear is the brain's reaction to a stimulus where chemicals are released that raise the heart rate. Learn about fear and the different fear responses. Advertisement It's dark out, and you're home alone. The house is quiet other than the sound of the show you're watching on TV. You see it and hear it


Public speaking is the most common fear out there (even more common than fearing death or dentists), but what’s all the fuss about? Public speaking is what’s referred to as a “social phobia.” Generally, the fear stems from poor self-image. And those who are nervous about speaking are generally afrai


The VIX is going to continue to fall, even as the market oscillates slowly downward. One of the things that truly drives the big indexes in both trading and in changes in implied volatility is, perceptions of fear. The thing about stock market fear is that it does not hit when the market is at its a


The No FEAR Act requires this agency to provide this notice to Federal employees, former Federal employees and applicants for Federal employment about their rights and protections related to Federal anti-discrimination, whistleblower protection and retaliation. The Notification and Federal Employee


Overcoming Fear - Overcoming fear involves creating a conditioned response that counters the fear response. Learn the process of overcoming fear and fear disorders. Advertisement Studies have shown that rats with damaged amygdalas will walk right up to cats [ref]. Most of us aren't too keen on the p


Definitely a walk on the wild side, this has Crawford as a well-heeled playwright sacking hatchet-faced Palance from her latest production as lacking the right Worldwide By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about