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Top Jewish Family Names. No, Cohen was not the most common Jewish last name (unless it is bundled up together with its two frequent variants, Kagan and Kohn). But otherwise, the composition of top 20 Jewish family names brings no surprises. As with the given names, the most common variants are all properly, or close to properly written in German.


It's a shame that 95% of the last names above are Ashkenazi. How about adding the following Jewish last names too to your list above: Maimon, Behar, Azose, Alhadeff, Toledano, Abarbanel, Gabay, Benarrouch, Benezra. Those are just a handful of the beautiful last names of Jews descended from the Expulsion in 1492.


What are the top ten most common Jewish last names? ... was two records set for this name they got lost of people with the sear name Jones to meet together and the most popular british last name


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Jewish last names are a relatively new phenomenon, historically speaking.Sephardic Jews (from areas around the Mediterranean) did not start adopting family names until the 15th century, when expulsion from Spain meant finding a way to keep family ties.


There's been no real change in Israel's most popular family names, with the same three still claiming the top spots. ... one of the most common 500 Jewish and non-Jewish last names on December 31 ...


Some Jewish last names include Miller, Asch, Farber, Meltzer and Klausner. Levi, Ezra, Benjamin, Isaac and Aaron have Hebrew origins. Blumen, Lowen, Schein and Kestenbaum, other common Jewish names, stem from other cultures.


For the most common US surnames, the estimated population percentages from the sampling probably reflect the population at large with a fairly high degree of accuracy. However, the survey intentionally oversampled both blacks and Hispanics, so certain surnames such as Garcia, Rodriguez, Gomez, and Washington may be over-represented.


Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2010. Web: https://www.census.gov/topics/population/genealogy/data/2010_surnames.html


Naming a new baby can be an exciting if somewhat daunting task. Below are a few popular Hebrew names for girls to get you started. Biblical Hebrew names (with historical references) are listed on the left and modern Hebrew names (with meanings) are listed on the right: