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A successful job interview candidate answers questions in ways that highlight his positive qualities and make his case for why he should be hired. He also avoids disclosing disqualifying information. Superior answers to job interview questions provide examples. For instance, a job candidate who clai


Answering interview questions sufficiently requires preparation in advance, through studying common interview questions, crafting responses and practicing. Although interview questions vary among employers, many overlap or share common themes, such as looking at candidates' past performance, strengt


Most companies interviewing for job positions tend to ask very similar questions. Besides asking a candidate about qualifications on their resume, they may ask questions about strengths and weaknesses and why the candidate wants to work at the company.


The best answers to the most common interview questions emphasize strengths, highlight experience and provide insight into motivating factors and personality. Time spent preparing for common questions and tailoring answers to the interviewing company or industry is an investment that can allow one c


The best way to answer job interview questions is to answer truthfully while presenting yourself in the best light possible. Keep the answers positive and talk about your strong points. Practicing with a mock interview may help you to prepare for the real thing.


To answer a phone interview question, a person needs to prepare by researching the prospective company, creating a comfortable speaking environment and articulating specific credentials, according to Forbes. These actions help convince the interviewer of a candidate's value.


Effective answers to common interview questions should focus on highlighting the positive aspects of the candidate while relating directly to the company, without placing any party in a negative light. They should show an understanding of company culture and expectations while demonstrating an abili


Good interview questions include "Tell me about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career" and "Tell me about a time when things didn't go the way you wanted." A less common yet telling question is "What's your animal power?"


People who need to answer behavioral interview questions must familiarize themselves with their past experiences and how they relate to the job they are applying for. It is also important to anticipate the type of questions that can arise.


When an interviewer asks what makes you unique, your answer should address one or more characteristic that makes you standout. This includes valuable abilities or qualities that make you perfect for the position. Interviewers really want to hear a compelling reason to hire new workers.