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But the best bourbon produced by Buffalo Trace is the E.H. Taylor, Jr. line, with the Small Batch Bourbon leading the way. This is a bottled-in-bond bourbon (meaning it’s 100 proof and at least ...


Rounding out the list is Old Bardstown, a very reasonably priced bourbon distilled by the folks at Willett. Distilled By: Kentucky Bourbon Distillery (KBD) better known as Willett Cost: Cheap. Before You Go: 30+ Bourbon Reviews This Year The Best Whiskey Ice Wedge The Best Sphere Ice Mold for Bourbon


Editor's Note: There isn't a single bourbon on this list we wouldn't recommend, even those that didn't make the Top 3. In fact, these bourbons are the cream of the crop and were suggested to us by readers, friends, and family because they, too, loved these bottles. You can't go wrong with any option on this list. 6.


Best Bourbon Whiskey - Part 2 . The Tasting: The Fifty Best held a "blind" tasting of 41 bourbon whiskies with seventeen members of our spirits judging panel. Strict tasting rules were applied. The order of service was established beforehand by lottery. The higher proof spirits (100+ prf) were tasted after the lower proof bourbons.


Best Bourbons We Could Find. Corn is a necessary ingredient to bourbon because that’s what changes a straight whiskey into bourbon. Just as rye whiskey carries the distinction of being made of a majority of rye, bourbon is a majority of corn. Bourbon is defined as having malt and rye, in addition to 51% or more corn added into the mix.


This is one of the best bourbons under $50 hands down, and while it’s ideal for simple mixed drinks, it’s also smooth enough for sipping on the rocks. Look for light notes of pear, raw honey, and apple. And if you doubt that bourbon is an art form, consider that at 130 years, Four Roses has been in business longer than most Swiss watchmakers.


One of the best-known and best-selling bourbons out there, Maker’s Mark is iconic; even those who aren’t whiskey fans will recognize their red wax-sealed bottle. It’s a great gateway bourbon ...


This list has whatever strikes your fancy (Scotch, Japanese single malts, Kentucky bourbon) at whatever price point you're willing to entertain—from $20 classics to $150 splurges.


This list used to be the “21 Best Bourbons under $50”. I found all these awesome bourbons and somehow omitted the wonderful whiskey that is Woodford Reserve, silly me, so now it’s the “22 Best Bourbons under $50”! Anyways, this bourbon is so good I made more room (and spent more time) adding it to this already fairly lengthy list, but ...


Top 10 Smoothest Bourbon Whiskeys Smoothness is a perception, rather than a flavor, and basically indicates the amount of burn that you feel when the whiskey goes down. Based on over 75.000 whisky tasting notes and 250.000 whisky ratings, these are ten of the best smooth bourbons and American whiskeys.