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Top sellers know that research is the key to eBay selling success. Here are the six fundamental kinds of research you should be doing. Aron Hsaio Even with the reams and reams of articles and books written about online selling out there, the business often mystifies sellers—particularly sellers that


ShopRiot is a website that creates a reverse auction. Rather than buyers bidding on products, sellers bid for your business. Here's how it works: you Read full profile ShopRiot is a website that creates a reverse auction. Rather than buyers bidding on products, sellers bid for your business. Here’s


These two homeowners don't need to auction but they are choosing to. Here's why. With bad news about housing markets across the country rolling in almost daily and inventory piling up along with waiting times for nervous sellers, two veteran home-sellers are choosing the fast track: auction sales. A


The bears clawed back as markets anticipated more bad news, but GE stock appears to be bucking the trend. As the S&P 500 index (SPX) closed 0.75% lower today, the battle between bullish buyers and bearish sellers characterized the first two trading days of 2020. The sharp selling nearly wiped out ye


Books The only bibliophiles love more than reading books is talking about books. From our collective favorites, to those duds we'd rather forget; our all-time favorite authors and the ones we steer clear of; our favorite ships, our least favorite tropes, TBRs and DNFs...the topics are endless when y


The Nasdaq hits a five-year low; WorldCom sets a volume record in falling 93% as the Fourth of July-shortened week kicks off. What was expected to be a sleepy, holiday-shortened week got off to a nightmarish start for those long stocks. After trading as high as 9362.82, the Dow Jones Industrial Ave


Up-to-date, trending lists of the most popular items people are buying ahead of the Black Friday sales. Amazon ships over 600 million packages per year. From toys and electronics to video games, tech gear and the latest fashions, Amazon has its finger on the pulse of what’s trending across every sho


Comics can be thought-provoking, boundary-breaking, emotionally complex, and all the things that books without pictures can be. Any kid who’s ever devoured a title like Anya’s Ghost or Invisible Emmie or A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel can already tell you this. Some parents, though, could use


Get tips on dealing with sellers' remorse, when homeowners get cold feet, including info on how to cancel after signing a listing agreement. peopleimages/Getty Images Just as homebuyers can get cold feet, remorse sometimes happens to sellers, too. They have second thoughts about selling their homes


Short seller David Tice, new CIO of AdvisorShares Ranger Equity Bear ETF (HDGE), discusses short opportunities in a post-COVID world. Getty Images A short seller leads a lonely life, it seems. Short sellers profit from stocks that decline in value. So, when they win, it means that most of their frie