Home remedies for toothache pain include clove oil, cough drops, a warm tea bag, peppermint tea and salt water. Other remedies are massaging the hand with ice, flossing and rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. More »

Some practical remedies for toothache include rinsing the mouth using warm water, flossing to get rid of plague and food particles, taking over-the-counter pain relievers, applying eugenol, applying over-the-counter anti... More »

Some home remedies for tooth pain include eliminating certain foods, massaging the hands with ice, and biting on a cotton ball with clove oil on it, explains HowStuffWorks. Other home remedies for tooth pain include rins... More »

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Home remedies such as applying clove oil, rinsing with salt water or hydrogen peroxide, and applying ice can quickly and temporarily relieve tooth pain until you can reach a dentist. Clove oil contains eugenol, which is ... More »

Home remedies for treating dry socket include rinses with peroxide, salt water and lemon juice, compresses of cold tea bags or gauze-soaked with clove oil, and pastes made of salt turmeric and mustard oil. Peroxide and s... More »

Home remedies for a cough related to asthma include hot showers, menthol cough drops, warm tea with honey and lots of water, according to WebMD. Removing sources of irritants, such as colognes and perfumed bathroom spray... More »

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Home remedies for nerve tooth pain include preventing the pain with diet, massaging the hand with ice and biting on a cotton ball with clove oil, according to HowStuffWorks. Other home remedies include rinsing the mouth ... More »