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Flush the faucet by removing the aerator. This gets rid of debris or sediment in the faucet. Some faucets include a handy little tool to unscrew the aerator. When you’re done, keep it inside your vanity or with the rest of your tools. Turn on the hot and cold water for about a minute. Check all the connections for leaks and retighten if ...


The only tool that you absolutely must have, in most cases, to replace a faucet is a monkey wrench. However, a couple of other tools can make the job a whole lot easier. The problem with a monkey wrench is that it doesn't reach up and behind the sink all that well. You don't have much room to turn the fittings that connect the hoses to the faucet.


Learn how to replace a kitchen faucet to avoid possible headaches. ... Required Tools for this how to replace a kitchen faucet Project. Have the necessary tools for this how to replace a kitchen faucet DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration.


A new faucet is a great way to give a fresh look to a kitchen or bathroom. Your local independent home improvement retailer has a variety of styles to choose from, from the simple to the extravagant, and we can often special order, so you get just what you want.


I show the Ridgid faucet and sink installer tool. This is a great tool for a variety of plumbing projects. It will install and remove the supply lines along with the nuts for kitchen and bath faucets.


The EZ Change Faucet Tool and the #2006 Faucet & Sink Installer both appear to do very similar things. What are the differences between two? What can this tool do that the #2006 Faucet & Sink Installer cannot and visa versa?


Upgrading your faucet is an affordable way to improve the convenience and functionality of your kitchen. This guide will show you how to remove your old kitchen faucet, the basics of faucets and how the number of holes and the spread in your kitchen sink or countertop will determine the type you can install.


The EZ Change Faucet Tool is a multi-purpose under sink plumbing tool that works on most faucets. This lightweight tool with durable aluminum inserts handles many aspects of faucet installation including shut off valves, supply lines and basket strainers. The short, reinforced body not only clears spaces, but is easy to store.


A step by step tutorial video on how to Remove and Replace a Kitchen Faucet.


Replacing the kitchen faucet in your home is not that difficult. Here’s how to go about it: Gather all of your tools including paper towels for cleaning up spills, a cup for capturing water, a towel to cushion your back, wrenches, and Teflon plumber’s tape.