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Use a conversion table to determine the amount you have to multiply or divide the unit by when converting between units of measurement. Divide when moving up to a greater unit and multiply when moving down to a lesser one.


Use hardness conversion tables to translate the value of a material's durability on a particular hardness scale into the related value on another scale. The process involves locating the starting value for a material and checking across the row for its corresponding val...


To read a natural gas conversion table, a knowledge of natural gas unit definitions is required. Natural gas conversion tables are tools that enable the quick conversion of natural gas units such as cubic feet and British thermal units between each other.


Using a currency conversion table usually involves selecting a currency to convert from and, locating the currency code for the currency to be converted to in the table, and then multiplying the conversion factor by the original currency value, states the Internal Reven...


To read a shoe size conversion table like the one offered on the Zappos web site, start with the row that correlates with your gender, age group and known shoe size, and then read across the row to find the size conversion. For example, if the shoe size in question is a...


Find a torque conversion table on cncexpo.com under the Shop Aides section of the website. The table provides the multiplication factor to convert from one unit to another. There is also a torque conversion calculator available.


To read a torque conversion table, match the appropriate categories with their corresponding sections, such as the relationship between Newton meters and inch pounds. In addition to reading manual charts and matching the values yourself, there are some websites, such as...