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The tongue's main function is to help people eat. It promotes the sucking mechanism and helps transform solid foods into a substance that is easily swallowed. It also helps people determine flavors and tastes because of its rich supply of taste buds.


To clean silver jewelry that looks dull, filmy or is starting to lose color, rub it with a mixture of a little mild dish soap and warm water. Use a soft cloth to clean each piece, run it under some cold water, and shine the jewelry with a dry soft cloth until it dries out completely. If that doesn't


Excess bacteria or growth of yeast in the mouth causes black hairy tongue, according to WebMD. Papillae are very small, rounded pinkish-white projections on the tongue's surface. When bacteria builds up on papillae, they grow long, absorb pigment from food and other sources, and turn black.


Black tongue, also known as black hairy tongue, is a condition where dead skin cells accumulate in unusually long tongue projections, known as papillae, and are stained dark by food, tobacco or other substances, explains Mayo clinic. Despite its strange appearance, black tongue is usually a harmless


The average human tongue is 4 inches long. Approximately one-third of this length is located at the back of the throat and is attached to the hyoid bone. This part of the tongue is called the posterior section. The rest of the tongue at the front of the mouth is called the anterior tongue area.


According to historical excavation and analysis, jewelry was first invented by the Cro-Magnons, early ancestors of modern day Homo sapiens who lived in Europe and Africa. Beads made from nassarius shells over 100,000 years old are considered to be the earliest form of jewelry.


Jewelry is often marked according to the metal's purity. Hallmarks on antique jewelry give additional information on who made the jewelry and where it originated.


Many fish species do have tongues, although they are different than the muscular mammalian tongues that humans and many animals have. A fish tongue is essentially an extension of the base of the mouth, and some of the tongues even have small, sharp teeth to help the fish grasp prey.


Speaking in tongues, also called glossolalia, is the practice of making nonsensical, speech-like vocalizations; it is common in several Christian sects including Pentacostalism and Charismatic Christianity. Adherents believe that speaking in tongues is the manifestation of a sacred language made pos


A white tongue can occur due to the invasion of fungi or bacteria on the tongue surface. This causes dead cells to be trapped within the nodules of the tongue.