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Individuals who consume alcohol directly after getting a tongue piercing increase their chance of experiencing swelling, excessive bleeding or bruising. Alcohol is a blood thinner; when consumed, it thins the blood and causes it to flow or pool faster. A piercing is a type of wound that is adversely


In most cases, a swallowed tongue ring passes from the body via a bowel movement without incident. A tongue ring typically is designed in two parts, including a blunt component in the shape of a ball and a sharper post onto which the ball is attached.


Tongue piercings can be damaging to braces or impede their success. The piercing can hit the braces or teeth and break them, either during sleep or while speaking. A tongue piercing can also make the braces less effective by interfering with tooth movement and causing gaps in the teeth.


Available online body piercing courses include training available from the International School of Body Art and The Piercing Urge Training School. Due to the nature of the training, some hands-on days are required at The Piercing Urge, while the International School of Body Art is entirely accomplis


The easiest way to determine if a local body piercing shop or local piercer is reputable in the United States is to go to the Association of Professional Piercers website to use its search tool to check if a body shop or piercer is registered with the APP. The APP has high standards that a shop must


According to Sandra Reichstetter of Steady Health, the pros of tongue piercings are that they act as strong social unifiers among people who wish to belong to a crowd, and the jewelry helps people to assert their individuality in a conformist society. The cons of getting a tongue piercing include pa


Dentists report that speech impediments due to tongue piercings may be permanent. Even if the jewelry is removed and the hole allowed to heal, damage to the nerves of the tongue may remain and cause a permanent speech impediment. Tattoo and piercing professionals disagree.


The tongue is mostly made up of muscle, but it also contains fat, glands and a mucus membrane. The extrinsic and intrinsic muscles in the tongue are skeletal muscles, which means that they are voluntarily controlled by the central nervous system.


FindMyRingSize.com hosts a flash app that allows users to find their size using a standard credit card as a scale. A list of ring sizes by millimeter and inches is available online at DiversSilverShack.com.


Frenulum piercings refer to three possible oral piercings. Learn the specifics of tongue frenulum piercing and what you need to know before getting one. Frenulum piercings refer to three possible oral piercings - the tongue frenulum, the smiley, and the frowny. Let's talk about tongue frenulum pierc