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Drivers should generally replace their cars' tires every six to 10 years, depending on manufacturing recommendations. Tread wear, exposure to outdoor elements and tire age are three factors to consider when questioning whether vehicle tires should be replaced.


The minimum required depth for tire tread is 1/16 of an inch. This becomes noticeable when the built-in tire wear indicator — the letters TWI and an arrow -- shows up in the tire tread.


Some damaged or flat tires can be repaired, but in other cases, it is better to replace the tire. Whether or not a tire can be repaired depends on the extent of the damage and how early the driver notices the problem.


Depending on the vehicle, a spare tire is stored in a special compartment in the trunk or on the exterior of the vehicle. The spare tire is often stored on the exterior of the vehicle to save space inside the car in some car models such as the Jeep Wrangler.


The numbers and letters on the sidewall of a tire indicates the tire's specific size, performance and type. Numbers that begin with the letter "P" indicate that the tire is P-Metric and is intended for American passenger vehicles.


Replacement tractor tires can be purchased online at TownFairTire.com, Tractor-Tires.org and BuyFarmTractorTires.com. TownFairTire.com features lawn and garden tires in a variety of different sizes. The site offers tire reviews by independent consumer surveys as well as rebates and financing.


Tires are rated according to the amount of speed they can safely hold traction to and load they can carry. The most commonly used tires for family vehicles are rated between 112 mph and 118 mph with a maximum load index rated at under 1,300 pounds.


Consumer Reports rates Michelin as the highest-quality tires as of 2015 due to excellent grip and wear and low rolling resistance. Recommended Michelin tire models include the Defender, Primacy MXV4, and Pilot Sport A/S 3. While Michelin tires are pricier than those of competitors, they have a highe


It is advisable to visit a local car dealership or tire shop to fix tire pressure sensors. Repairing the tire pressure sensors requires special procedures such as identifying the type of pressure sensor and rebalancing the wheels, which makes it difficult to perform at home.


Tires are made from several different materials including rubber, steel cord, fabric cord, textile and fabric. The rubber in tires is made from a combination of materials, to help increase the traction and durability of the tire.