A Tiptronic transmission can function as an automatic transmission or a manual transmission depending on which setting has been selected. Tiptronic devices often have special performance settings to give the driver more ... More »

An automatic transmission works by using a system of planetary gears that lock and unlock to accomplish gear changes. Automatic transmissions use a torque converter, rather than a clutch, to disconnect the transmission f... More »

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Television transmitters turn electrical signals into radio waves so that they can travel great distances at high speeds. Antennas receive these radio waves and convert them back into electrical signals which feed into te... More »

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A Tiptronic transmission is an automatic transmission that includes an option to switch out of automatic mode and upshift or downshift by using paddles behind the steering wheel or by using the gear lever itself. The nam... More »

A dual-clutch transmission, also called an automated manual transmission or semi-manual automatic, is a transmission with internal gears that shift using two electro-hydraulically actuated clutches. The vehicle's compute... More »

The only way to convert an automatic transmission to a manual transmission is to completely replace the automatic transmission assembly of the car with a manual transmission. This procedure may be difficult or impossible... More »

The chief advantage of a five-speed manual transmission over a transmission with four or fewer gears is the presence of the additional gear ratio in the five-speed transmission gives the driver more options to match gear... More »