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Introduction. To tip or not to tip the funeral director, that is the question. In today’s world, we tip all service providers. We tip our restaurant servers, baristas, barbers, housekeeping at hotels, valet parkers, and dog walkers.


The one group of people you do not need to worry about tipping are the funeral director and funeral home providers. Their fees are included in the overall funeral costs, and it is not expected that you will tip them or offer anything more beyond a thank you card once the services are concluded.


Aspiring funeral directors (specifically, those who AREN’T coming from a family business) will often ask a variation of one of these three questions: “Do you have any advice for those wanting to get into the funeral business?” “Have any tips for funeral students trying to get an apprenticeship at a funeral home?” “I just got my license.


If the pallbearers are not funeral home staff and you are still unsure about whether or not to tip, ask the funeral director. There is no established protocol but a gratuity of $5-20 for non-funeral-home-staff pallbearers would be an appreciated gesture. Funeral Tipping Cheat Sheet.


I'm a funeral director who has received tips, sometimes $20, sometimes several hundred. Never expected but I'm not too proud to turn it down. When clients have asked me what an appropriate amount to tip is, I just say “It's completely up to you an...


I think the etiquette is to give the funeral director a tip "for the staff" and "for the gravedigger" if there has been a burial. Generally people have it ready in an envelope and just give it to the director who shares it out appropriately.


Tipping at funerals is a normal custom. It is not necessary to tip the funeral director or any of the staff at the funeral home, but tipping is customary for many of the other service providers.


The funeral was pre-paid pre need and the nature of the death was such that most of the ceremony was not even used. (The deceased was not viewable). I think it would be tacky if the Funeral Director expected a "tip". It s not like he is an underpaid food server.


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In many cases, most of these tips are included in the final bill. To be sure, ask for an itemized breakdown of the charges so you can offer tips if they don't appear in your final bill. Good etiquette says that you don't tip a funeral director. His services are paid as a salary by the funeral home.