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Fruit flies sometimes occur when people bring them home on ripe or fermenting fruit from the grocery store. In other instances, the flies may smell fruits or vegetables and find their way into a dwelling through cracks or window screens. They then reproduce quickly.


Fruit flies are among the smallest members of the Order Diptera and have large, pronounced compound eyes, oval-shaped bodies and a set of four wings, much like larger flies. Fruit flies average approximately 1 millimeter in length, and females are slightly larger than males. They closely resemble ma


The common fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, has an average flying speed of 20 centimeters per second. No published flying speeds exists for other types of fruit flies, such as the Mediterranean fruit fly, as of 2015.


Keep fruit flies away by putting food up, keeping the kitchen and trash cans clean and trapping any lingering fruit flies. If the problem persists, repair any cracks around windows or doors that could let the pests inside.


According to the University of Arizona, the average life span of fruit flies is determined by the environmental conditions in which they live. In the lab, female fruit flies have a life span of approximately 26 days, while male fruit flies live approximately 33 days.


To get rid of fruit flies in your home, first discard any rotting fruit or vegetables. Take out the trash, and remove any damp or moist items where fruit flies can lay their eggs, such as sponges and mops. Finally, trap the fruit flies in a container with a little apple cider vinegar.


Kill adult fruit flies quickly using a pyrethrin-based insecticide spray. The spray requires direct contact with the flying insects and does not eliminate eggs or larva. Long-term control requires a multistep process that targets the flies at different stages of their life cycles.


EverydayRoots notes that one way to kill fruit flies is to create an apple cider vinegar trap. Add 1/2 cup heated apple cider vinegar and a couple drops of dish soap to a mason jar, and place a rolled up and taped piece of paper inside, which helps trap and kill the flies that come for the cider.


Kill fruit flies by leaving baited traps in the infested area. Simple traps can be made using household items and appropriate bait such as a slice of fresh fruit.


House flies come indoors to lay their eggs whenever a suitable breeding ground is available. The flies may be attracted to garbage bins, pet food or water sources indoors.