The little black ants commonly found in kitchens are known as Monomorium minimum. They are native to the United States and can be brown or black in color. More » Pets & Animals Bugs Ants

To get rid of tiny ants in your home, eliminate food and water sources, close all access points to your home and use pesticide baits. Ants most frequently infest kitchens, so it is crucial to keep a kitchen as clean as p... More »

To find tiny carpenter ants in a house, you can check for nests in damps areas, such as a floor near a leaky roof, a bathroom or an attic. To find the nest, poke small holes in the wall. Following an ant is another way t... More »

To kill ants in your kitchen, you first need to determine where they are coming from. After you have found their point of entry, you can either plant a bait of ant poison that they will take back to their nest, killing t... More »

Ants secrete pheromones from glands on their bodies and use their antennae to detect the pheromone secretions of other ants. Pheromone signals can be used as identification, for marking food collection trails, for sendin... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Ants

Fire ants are found throughout South America and the southern part of the United States of America. Two species of fire ants are native to the United States, while the other two species were brought to the United States ... More »

Food and water attract ants. Different ant species prefer different types of food, but most of them eat organic matter or nectar. This means that anything from household and garden waste to spilled soda can attract ants. More »