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To get rid of gnats inside the home, remove any potential food and water sources. If gnats are living in damp areas, such as under sinks, repairs may be required to stop leaks. Eliminating gnats can take several days if damp soil is causing the infestation.


One way to get rid of gnats is to let the soil around plants that have a gnat infestation to dry out completely. This kills the larvae, and vacuuming removes any remaining adult gnats. Another way to rid a yard of gnats is to set up electric fly exploders.


A sand gnat is a small biting fly. This insect is commonly called a "no-see-um" because it is the smallest of the biting flies and goes unnoticed until after a bite. About 60 species of sand gnats make homes in coastal areas of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.


Placing bleach in strategic places while keeping your home free of excess moisture and rotting plant matter are the primary ways to rid your residence of gnats. Other ways of driving out gnats include covering any fruit and avoiding leaving standing water in sinks or containers.


To kill gnats outside, make a solution of pepper, soap, water and oil, spray the plants, apply a nematode treatment, and put potatoes around the plants. The supplies you need are a jug, water, cayenne pepper, oil, Castile soap, a spray bottle, potato slices, a hose, and a nematode treatment.


Gnats may enter the home when food, such as ripe fruit or fungus, is present. Gnats often live in warm, humid environments, such as behind tubs and in drain the pipes of bathrooms.


Gnats bite, according to KidsHealth. The tiny flies, sometimes called midges or blackflies, belong to a group of insects that includes mosquitoes and flies. Gnats live around the world near bodies of water, where they lay their eggs.


To avoid gnat bites, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants when outdoors, especially in areas with lakes, rivers and streams nearby, according to KidsHealth. Spray an insect repellent that contains DEET to arms, legs, feet and neck to prevent insect bites, as suggested by the Centers for Disease C


To make a gnat trap, cut a 2-liter bottle, invert the top half of the bottle, and place apple cider vinegar in the bottom half to attract the gnats. For the project, you need an empty 2-liter bottle, apple cider vinegar and a sharp pair of scissors.


Natural techniques for removing gnats from homes include fly swatters, insect traps with ultraviolet light, vacuuming around windows and plants and taking care to not overwater plants. Gnats belong to several distinct species, including fungal gnats and black gnats. They breed and reproduce in diffe