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Tingling in the feet may occur when a person sits in one position for a long time or crosses his feet, according to WebMD. In some situations, tingling in the feet is a sign of nerve damage, also referred to as peripheral neuropathy. Causes of peripheral neuropathy include diabetes, systemic disease


Tingling in the hands and feet can occur temporarily after the arms or legs are held in a position that aggravates a nerve, according to WebMD. In more severe cases, the tingling sensation can be a symptom of peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome or vitamin deficiencies.


According to WebMD and ZocDoc, tingling in the bottom of the feet might indicate nerve damage, high levels of blood sugar, nutritional deficiencies, low amounts of thyroid hormone, syphilis or Lyme disease. However, it can also be completely benign and temporary.


Anxiety disorders can produce tingling in the feet as well as hands, according to WebMD. Other common signs that someone suffers from anxiety include feelings of fear or panic, dizziness, sleep problems, muscle tension and nausea. Sweaty or cold feet or hands, dry mouth and heart palpitations may al


There are many potential causes for tingling in the hands, such as diabetes, systemic diseases and vitamin deficiencies, notes WebMD. Exposure to toxins from the environment or some medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, can cause neuropathy, or tingling in the hands. Injury, inherited disorders


Tingling in the legs may come from several sources; simply standing or resting in the same position for long periods of time may cause tingling, as can animal or insect bites, some medicines and injuries to the spinal cord or nerves, states the National Institutes of Health. As with many other physi


Signs of a heart attack in men include chest pain, pressure and discomfort, but not tingling in the feet or hands, according to WebMD. Other symptoms of heart attack in men include discomfort in the arms, nausea, shortness of breath and abdominal discomfort, such as heartburn.


There are many things that can cause a person's left foot to tingle, including poor circulation, use of certain medications and vitamin deficiencies, according to the National Institutes of Health. Other causes include animal bites or pressure on the spinal nerve.


Tingling in the head is caused by several diseases and disorders including spinal disorders, metabolic disorders, vascular disorders, neurological diseases, injuries, tumors and infections. The presence of these health conditions causes the irritation of cervical nerves that is experienced as head t


Doctors treat tingling hands by identifying and treating the underlying cause, explains WebMD. For example if the tingling is due to diabetic neuropathy, a complication of diabetes that results from damaged nerves, managing the patient's blood sugar is part of the treatment plan. Antidepressants and