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Popular foods in Guyana include stews, curry dishes and chicken served with rice and beans. Cook-up rice is a Guyanese dish that is similar to rice and peas, and it is often served alongside fried fish.


Some favorite Guyana dishes include pepper pot, cassava bread, metemgee and Guyana-style chow or lo mein. Pepper pot, a type of stew made of stewed meat, peppers, cassava root sauce and cinnamon, is a popular holiday dish. Metemgee, another type of stew, contains dumplings, coconut milk and a variet


New houses are available for in Guyana from companies such as Regency Homes and Guyana House for Sale. Regency Homes offers a number of villas spread along the coastline and a few minutes from Georgetown, while Guyana has a new houses for sale in Tuschen as of 2015.


Guyana is known for being the only English-speaking country in South America, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. The country is also known for bauxite and gold reserves, rice fields, sugarcane plantations and well-preserved rainforests. Guyana's natural resources are its most notable economic


Popular foods in Guyana include curries served with roti, or traditional East Indian flat bread; metamgee and pepperpot. These items are based around the staple foods of beans, cassava, rice and sweet potatoes, and reflect the diverse cultural influences present in Guyana.


Find property for sale in Guyana by checking on sites such as RegencyHomesGY.com, 4321Property.com, SpaceSeek.gy and GYHomes.com, as of 2015. Each site offers a wide range of listings covering different property types across the country, with individual listings containing pictures of the buildings


The value of real estate in Guyana depends on the location of the property, its size and the type of property. There are three types of properties in Guyana: state- and government-owned land, titled land and industrial estates. Government- and state-owned land is often leased.


To renew a Guyana passport, an applicant must complete the Form A - Application for a Guyana Passport form and return her existing passport with the form. If the previous passport was lost or stolen, the applicant must complete the Lost or Stolen Passport Information Sheet section of the application


The majority of the people in Guyana have adopted the western civilization code of dress, including jeans, sneakers and T-shirts. The dress code in Guyana is mainly influenced by climate, type of job, daily needs, religious beliefs and even tastes.


As of 2015, Guyanese nationals must fill out a new passport application to receive the machine-readable passports, since the green Guyanese passports phased out and are no longer valid, notes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guyana. A person who wants to renew his Guyanese passports needs to fill