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The cost to replace a timing belt for a Toyota Rav4 varies between $399 and $791 based on your model year and whether you get it done at a local mechanic or at the dealership. Toyota Rav4; Model Years Local Mechanic Cost (Belt + Tensioner + Idlers + Seals + Water Pump) Dealership Cost; 1995 - 1996: $402 - $467: $716 - $781:


Timing belt replacement Estimated Service Costs for Toyota Tundra range between a low of $342.98 and a high of $1071.25 with an average price of $575.25 | Openbay is an online source that connects you with multiple auto service professionals nearby who will compete for your auto repair and maintenance business


Timing belt replacement is one of the most simple repairs to high mileage engines. You can schedule your timing belt replacement at Courtesy Toyota of Brandon, where you will find a state-of-the-art service department with a full suite of amenities to make your service experience even better. Checking and Replacing Your Toyota's Timing Belt


$500-$600 is reasonable for a timing belt replacement at a non-dealer shop on most cars - not sure if some Toyota's are more difficult or easier than others. as it will wreck your engine by allowing the valves to crash into the pistons.


What is the cost to replace timing belt, tensioner, water pump (the whole kit) in 2006 6 cyl camry solara - Answered by a verified Toyota Mechanic. ... Hi All, I have just bought a clean 4cyl 2001 Toyota Camry. The timing belt was changed in 2005 with 56,000 miles on the odometer. The mileage now is 98,000.


You can get by without the cam seals but I would not pass up the water pump. They are like the main thing you change when you do the timing belt. So you are looking at about 4 hours to do both. Cost for the new belt is 54.29 and new water pump is 122.25 Now the labor is current on these items.


Approximate cost to replace timing belt and water pump: osiris3mc: 3rd gen T4Rs: 47: 09-30-2018 01:15 AM: PLEASE help! Timing belt cost, advice: Buddy2012: 4th Gen T4Rs: 21: 03-27-2012 08:33 AM: Timing belt service cost: SolRayz: 4th Gen T4Rs: 4: 01-19-2011 01:05 AM: CPO Warranty and timing belt cost at 90k miles? RHINO-99: Maintenance ...


Following is the complete Toyota Timing Belt and Timing Chain List. Some Toyota engines have timing belts, some have timing chains. It pays to know what your engine has. Belts need to be replaced at normal intervals (usually every 90-100k on late model cars) or you will have hell to pay.


I had my timing belt replaced on my 2007 Highlander when it had 94,000 miles. The replacement timing belt just broke yesterday at 154,000 miles so it obviously did not make it another 90,000 on this second timing belt. I wonder if it common for the timing belt to break sooner with older cars?


I went the eBay route and bought a timing belt kit from aircabinman. It included all OEM Toyota parts including timing belt, water pump, tstat, cam seals,crank seal, idlers, tensioner, and accessory belts. I also bought all the fluids (mobil 1, ATF, diff, toyota LL coolant) and filters (air, oil, fuel),and I ended up spending about $525 in parts.