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To replace the battery in a Timex watch, refer to your Timex manual to purchase the correct type of battery replacement. Open the watch case using the correct tools, carefully replace the used battery using tweezers, and close the watch case.


To change the battery on a Timex watch, open the battery holding panel on the back of the Timex watch. Remove the old battery, insert the new battery, and place the holding panel back onto the watch.


To change the battery in a Timex Ironman watch, first remove the back of the watch. The back is held on by tiny screws. Remove the old battery, and insert the new battery. On some models this may require removing an additional screw.


To set an analogue Timex watch, pull the side knob out and twist clockwise until the correct time displays on the watch face, then push the knob back in. Digital Timex watches vary widely, and owners can find setting instructions in the instruction manual that came with...


The Timex website offers instruction manuals in up to seven different languages for a long list of watches made by the Timex company. There are also additional resources for several models.


Timex instruction manuals can be downloaded directly from the Timex homepage, timex.com. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the link for "Watch Instructions & User Manuals." This is listed under the category Explore Timex.


Timex's website provides the official instruction manuals for different models of Timex watches, as of 2015. The manuals are in PDF format and are accessible in various languages.