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Samuel de Champlain Timeline Timeline Description: Samuel de Champlain (1574 - 1635) was a French explorer, diplomat, and cartographer. He is best known for founding Quebec City in 1608 and for consolidating French colonies in the New World. He also discovered Lake Champlain (named after him) and explored regions of northern New York, the eastern Great Lakes, and the Ottawa River.


Samuel de Champlain was born in 1574 (according to his baptismal certificate, which was discovered in 2012), in Brouage, a small port town in the province of Saintonge, on the western coast of France.


A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. ... Samuel de Champlain Timeline created by 323947580. In History. Jan 1, 1570. Champlain's birth date Champlain as a child, grew up by the sea, his father was a sea captain along with his grandfather. Champlain learned how to navigate and sail at a very young age This talent would ...


Champlain created a map of the Saint Lawrence on this trip and, after his return to France on September 20, published an account as Des Sauvages: ou voyage de Samuel Champlain, de Brouages, faite en la France nouvelle l'an 1603 ("Concerning the Savages: or travels of Samuel Champlain of Brouages, made in New France in the year 1603").


Follow the timeline of history of Champlain College from its inception in 1878 to present date. and since then has grown to be a national leader in preparing students for rewarding careers. ... The College hosts a national symposium celebrating the quadricentennial anniversary of Samuel de Champlain's discovery of the region. The College ...


Samuel de Champlain wore many hats, including mariner, explorer, cartographer, and geographer, but he is best known as the founder of Quebec, Canada. Champlain reportedly was born in August 1574 ...


July 9 1570, Samuel de Champlain was born in Brouage, France. He is known today as "The Father of New France". Champlain's success started at him being born in a family of master mariners, which soon helped him in his expeditions.


Samuel de Champlain and Jean de Poutrincourt launched another expedition from Port-Royal to explore the coast of Massachusetts, hoping to establish friendly relationships with the Secoudon and Messamouet in the area. Their efforts were met with hostility and soon abandoned.


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De Chaste offered Samuel de Champlain the opportunity to join an exploration and colonise his lands in Quebec 1603 March 15: The leader of the overall expedition was a merchant named Pontgrave. Samuel de Champlain set sail for Quebec from Honfleur, France - there were two ships on the voyage