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Bunker Hill. March 1770: Boston Massacre: Angry mob harrassed British soldiers who fired into crowd killing 3. July 1775: Continental Congress adopted Olive.


Revolutionary War Timeline. Patriot/ Rebels/ Whigs: Americans that wanted to break away from English rule. Loyalist/ Tory: Americans loyal to the British crown  ...


American Revolutionary War Timeline. February 10, 1763 ... http://www. floridatechnet.org/2005PreGED/Pre-‐GED%20Social%20Studies.pdf. Cause and Effect.


American Revolution Timeline. Causes & Battles. Directions: Cut & paste the events and battles onto the appropriate spot on the timeline. Battle of Lexington & .


to sell tea at a lower price. • Hurt colonial merchants. • Colonists called it interference. Page 3. Events Leading to the American Revolution. Chart #3. EVENT.


Compelling Question: Why did the American Colonists go to war against Great Britain? Supporting Questions: Lesson 1: A Timeline of the American Revolution.


TIMELINE EVENT #1. FRENCH & INDIAN WAR (1754-1763). British Action: • Fought against the French &. Native American allies over control of the Ohio River.


The American Revolution, 1763 - 1783. Overview Until the end of the Seven Years' War in 1763, few colonists in British North America objected to their place in ...


America During the Age of Revolution 1764-1775. 1764. • Sugar Act was Passed – The English Parliament, desiring revenue from its North American. Colonies ...


TEACHING AMERICAN HISTORY PROJECT. Seeds of Revolution: A Visual Timeline. Ginny Viteri. Grade -5. Length of class period –45 minutes. Note: This ...