Ontario, Canada is in the Eastern and Central time zones. Eastern and Central Standard time occurs during some of the fall and most of the winter. Eastern and Central Daylight time occurs the rest of the year. More »

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According to the United States Naval Observatory, there are a total of eight time zones in North America. They cover the land from Newfoundland in the far east to the Aleutian Islands of Alaska in the far west. More »

The UK, Portugal, Greenland, Iceland and several West African countries use Greenwich Mean Time, sometimes called Western European Time. GMT is also known as 'Zulu Time' in military slang. More »

As of July 2015, there are 87 Best Buy locations (including Best Buy Mobile stores and Express kiosks) spread throughout most regions in Ontario, Canada, as stated by Best Buy. With seven Best Buy stores, the city of Tor... More »

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There are 523 different postal code prefixes for Ontario, Canada. "ZIP code" is an American term that means roughly the same thing as postal code in Canada. All postal codes in Ontario begin with letters K, L, M, N or P. More »

Listings in Ontario, Canada, can be located via localized websites such as Point2Homes.com or via websites such as Remax.ca or Realtor.ca. Search criteria can be tailored to match a specific location or to only return ho... More »

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Drivers can find current gas prices for Ontario, Canada, by checking websites such as Ontariogasprices.com, TDC.ca and Torontogasprices.com. These sites all reportedly obtain their information from Gasbuddy.com, but prov... More »

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