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Certain curios are among the most commonly collected items in the U.S.: coins, comic books, postage stamps, antiques, baseball cards, autographs, seashells, Christmas ornaments, tea cups, bottles, sunglasses, books, porcelain figurines, knives, sports memorabilia and toys, which include Barbie dolls


According to "The Courier Mail," some of the best things to collect include money, stamps and bottles. In the case of collecting banknotes, a lot of money is worth more than its face value. For example, some uncirculated $50 banknotes are worth up to $7,000 if the serial number is 000 000.


The first DVD player was made around the year 1994 by Tatung Limited, based in Taiwan. It was, however, not available to the public until September 1996 due to copyright protection issues.


To copy a DVD to another DVD, find and run software that backs up a high-quality version of the information on DVDs. Insert the DVD into the DVD-ROM on a computer, select the DVD Disc source option to store the information in a temporary file and start the upload.


Online resources for Indian classical music include the Rajan Parrikar Music Archive and the Harvard Loeb Music Library. The Rajan Parrikar Music archive offers audio tracks of songs as well as the names of their composers.


National sovereignty of Native Americans, the Maryland Toleration Act of 1649, which addressed rights of Christians, and Affirmative Action are examples of collective rights. Collective rights refer specifically to a group as a whole, or a category of people, as opposed to the individual rights thos


A DVD writer is a computer peripheral that allows a user to store data on a blank DVD. DVD writers are available as external units that attach to a computer port and as internal drives that are housed within a computer's case.


The movie "Home Alone" is available on DVD on websites such as Amazon.com, eBay.com and goHastings.com. The movie is also available in a Christmas movie box set on Target.com. Other movies included in the set are "A Christmas Carol," "Jingle All the Way" and "Miracle on 34th Street."


Music that is copied onto a DVD+R disc will not play in a CD-playing car stereo. If, however, the car has a DVD function, it is possible to play music that way.


The different DVD regions are geographical areas which have been assigned to one of six regions worldwide. There are two regions reserved for special use and one universal, or uncoded, region.