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As of 2015, individuals can begin to collect Social Security as early as age 62, according to the Social Security Administration. While collection at age 62 is allowed, individuals can collect Social Security from age 65 to 70, depending on the year they were born.


Tips for getting life insurance after the age of 50 include looking at a 15- or 20-year level term policy, and also considering both the convertibility and guaranteed insurability of the policy, Bankrate says. Taking note of conversion deadlines is critical, as some conversion periods end well ahead


The period referred to as the Islamic Golden Age lasted for just over 400 years, during which time huge advances were made in the fields of art, humanities and science. During this time, Baghdad become the intellectual capital of the world, and efforts were made to consolidate important texts from a


People can begin collecting their Social Security benefits at age 62, though they are not entitled to the same amount as if they waited until normal retirement age, which is determined by their birth year. Widows or widowers may receive benefits as early as age 60.


Life during the Middle Ages was characterized by feudalism, power of the Catholic church and war between Christianity and Islam. People who lived during these times also had to deal with unsanitary conditions and rampant disease.


As of 2014, there is not an agreed upon age range for middle age, but age ranges commonly used are 45 to 65 and 40 to 60. Middle age encompasses the two age categories between 35 and 54 on the U.S. Census.


As of 2014, individuals can collect Social Security as early as age 62, according to the U.S. Social Security Administration. While collection at age 62 is permitted, the full retirement age ranges from 65 to 67, depending on an individual's year of birth.


Pericles was the rule of Athens during its golden age. His leadership also helped to bring decades of war to Greece.


The websites of the Social Security Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide statistics related to life expectancy and current age. The Social Security website provides a life expectancy calculator and an actuarial table.


There is no theological basis for the concept of earth ages, but those who believe in them agree that the first earth age occurred sometime between Creation and the expulsion of Lucifer from heaven. The first earth age is one of three phases in God's plan.