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A compact disc is a form of optical disc that data is written onto and read by lasers. A layer of aluminum is placed on top of a thicker layer of polycarbonate, with the data written into the aluminum layer by creating pits and lands in the material.


There are several different types of CD cases. The standard single CD jewel case usually measures 5.59 inches by 4.92 inches by 0.39 inches. Slimline cases usually measure 5.59 inches by 4.92 inches by 0.2 inches.


The phrase "CD rate" refers to the interest percent yield on a certificate of deposit investment. A 2 percent CD rate, for instance, means the investor earns 6 percent interest on the CD amount. CDs are a safe investment and pay higher rates than savings accounts, according to About.com.


Clean a compact disc by wiping it with a chamois or lint-free cleaning wipe. If the CD is still dirty, clean it with a solution of mild dish soap and lukewarm water.


Good CD players include models such as the Marantz CD6005 and Oppo BDP-105, notes ConsumerSearch.com. Although there are drastic differences in prices, as they range between $100 and $1,200, as of 2015. However, in general, there is hardly a difference in sound quality from units that cost less.


Bank certificates of deposit have specific maturity dates and interest rates, according to Investopedia. They are time deposits, meaning that funds cannot be withdrawn on demand without significant penalties.


Most computers have the ability to burn CDs as long as they have a disc drive and the appropriate software. Windows and Apple computers have software built in, but you may need to download a different program.


The computer must have a CD or DVD burner, or recorder, to copy files to a writable disc. Burn a CD either using the Live File System format or the Mastered format. First, insert the writable CD into the CD burner.


A certificate of deposit (CD) investor promises to keep his or her cash on deposit with a financial institution for a specific period of time. A CD typically pays a higher rate of interest than a savings or a money market account.


Some common CD player problems include the sound not working or being distorted, the sound skipping, the disk drive not rotating, and the CD tray not opening or closing properly. A player may also not play CDs at all.