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To tile stairs, select a suitable set of traction tiles and place them using cement and making sure they are level. Gather tile-laying material, and employ suitable techniques to ensure all tiles are affixed evenly.


To install ceramic tile on stairs, first ensure that the risers and treads are level and then apply a mortar bed. Next, apply the tiles using the thin-set method and grout to finish the job. Ceramic tile can cover stairs made of wood, concrete or steel.


Some design ideas for metal stairs include metal rippling ribbon stairs, steel stairs that resemble a giant backbone and floating folded triangular facets. The latter contains triangular steps made out of steel with a glass side in which to anchor them.


To build a set of stairs, calculate its rise and run, cut stringers according to the calculations and install them, then attach the treads and risers to the stringers. Building stairs is fairly straightforward, with just a few design choices that builders need to consid...


Ideas for bathroom tile are available in a number of places, including decorating websites, home magazines, reality shows focused on home decor, sample installations in home improvement stores and even the homes of friends. Seeing examples of the finished project can se...


Some popular floor tile design ideas include using mosaic-style tiles to create different patterns for different rooms. Other popular designs include adding colorful breaks along a single uniform pattern to create a modern appearance.


To carpet stairs, staple carpet padding to each stair, cut the carpet to size, and attach it with staples. To complete this project, you need carpeting, padding, staples and an electric stapler.