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The average weight of female Indian tiger is 145kg. Her body length is 2.5m. The beautiful Sumatran tigers are found in the island of Sumatra. Average weight of male Sumatran tiger ranges from 110 to 140 kg. Its length from head to tail is 3m and its height is 90-100 inches. The weight of female Sumatran tiger varies from 85 to 110kg.


Despite their large size, tigers can reach speeds of about 49–65 km/h (30–40 mph) but only in short bursts; consequently, tigers must be close to their prey before they break cover. If the prey catches wind of the tiger's presence before this, the tiger usually abandons the hunt rather than chase prey or battle it head-on.


The average height of Bengal tiger is 3 feet. The weight ranges depends on available prey and habitat. The dense jungle tigers are smaller than those ones from grasslands because larger animals ...


The average tiger has a height of 3 to 3 1/2 feet from the ground to the shoulders and a head and body length of 4.6 to 9.2 feet. Different types of tigers have various weights, with the heaviest being the Siberian tiger at an average of 400 to 675 lbs.


Complete information on How Much Does a Tiger Weigh. Get to know the average tiger weight of both the male and the female tigers. Learn about the weight of heaviest tiger ever recorded both in captivity and in the wild. Know the weight of baby tigers and the various species of tigers along with pictures and comparison tables.


Ligers are the biggest cats on earth; they weigh 900 to 1200 Pounds. Siberian Tigers are the second biggest cats with a weight of around 600 Pounds and lions are the third biggest cats with a weight of around 500 Pounds. Bengal Tigers and Sumatran Tigers also weigh more than lions even though they are smaller than Siberian Tigers.


Siberian Tigers in the more rural areas of Nepal, Bhutan, and Assam consistently produce Tigers that are over 500 lbs. How Much Does A Siberian Tiger Weigh. When it comes to Siberian Tiger weight, it is important to note that the average weight has dropped significantly over the past 50 years.


The average historical wild male Siberian tiger weighed 215.3 kg (475 lb) and the female 137.5 kg (303 lb); the contemporary wild male Siberian tiger weighs 176.4 kg (389 lb) on average with an asymptotic limit being 222.3 kg (490 lb); a wild female weighs 117.9 kg (260 lb) on average.


The average size of the tiger is up to eleven feet in length with a weight between 200-600 pounds. This of course varies with the subspecie. The Sumatran Tiger is the smallest.


Average Weight Of A Tiger Largest Tiger In The World. The average size of a tigers head is 140 to 280 cm long with head and body size with tail length of 60 to 90 cm. All the forms of tigers like Siberian Tigers, Indian Tigers and Sumatran Tigers differ in their size. Sumatran tigers average size is 204 cm, Siberian tigers average size is 330 ...