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The procedure for getting Ticketmaster tickets for events in Edmonton includes using Ticketmaster.com to view, purchase and download tickets or by visiting a physical Ticketmaster outlet location. Ticketmaster tickets for events in Edmonton can also be ordered by phone by calling 1-800-745-3000, as


Adobe Photoshop Express, Microsoft Hyperlapse, Bing Translator, Skype and VLC for Windows Phone are some the best apps for Windows Phones, according to TomsGuide.com. Each of these apps are free and take advantage of the versatility and ease of use of the Windows Phone.


To uninstall a Windows Store app from Windows 8.1, first tap or press the Windows key to open the Start screen, press and hold or right-click the app's tile, and then tap or click Uninstall after the App bar rises from the screen's bottom edge. If you wish to remove an app from the Start screen with


The App Store is not available on Windows phones; however, mobile users with a Windows operating system have the option to purchase and download apps from the Windows Phone Store. The App Store is developed and maintained by Apple, Inc. and is intended for iOS users.


Windows phones feature access to the Windows Phone Store, which offers a diverse selection of apps and games. The store contains a mix of free software and applications for purchase.


Some quality YouTube apps for Windows 8 include Metrotube, YouTube Player and Lucky Tube. These apps are free and available for download and use on Windows 8 devices, including surface and Windows RT.


The list of free apps for a Windows 8 computer includes social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter, streaming apps such as Hulu Plus and Netflix, and games such as Sonic Dash and Tiny Troopers. These apps are available through the Windows Store and the Apps section on Microsoft.com.


Delete Modern or Metro Windows 8 apps by right clicking on their tiles on the Start Screen and clicking Uninstall. There are several other ways to uninstall apps, but this method is simple.


To access the Windows App Store, tap the Store button on your tablet or click the Start button on your desktop. Sign in to the App Store using your Microsoft account credentials.


To install apps from the Windows 8 app store, sign in to your Microsoft account, open the store from the Start screen or desktop toolbar, browse for apps, and click Buy, Try or Install. Downloaded apps are listed in the Apps view and can be pinned to the Start screen.