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At the knee, a superior (proximal) tibiofibular joint is formed by the lateral tibial condyle and the head of the fibula. At the ankle, an inferior (distal) tibiofibular joint is formed by the lower fibula and a lateral concavity (notch) on the lower tibia.A socket formed by the distal ends of the tibia and fibular articulates with the superior portion of the talus (foot tarsal bone to form ...


The fibula or calf bone is a leg bone located on the lateral side of the tibia, with which it is connected above and below.It is the smaller of the two bones and in proportion to its length, the slenderest of all the long bones. Its upper extremity is small, placed toward the back of the head of the tibia, below the level of the knee joint, and excluded from the formation of this joint.


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The fibula, along with the tibia, makes up the bones of the leg. The fibula is found laterally to the tibia, and is much thinner. As it does not articulate with the femur at the knee joint, its main function is to act as an attachment for muscles, and not as a weight bearer.


The fibula is the long, thin and lateral bone of the lower leg. It runs parallel to the tibia, or shin bone, and plays a significant role in stabilizing the ankle and supporting the muscles of the lower leg. Compared to the tibia, the fibula is about the same length, but is considerably thinner.


The tibia is a large bone located in the lower front portion of the leg. The tibia is also known as the shinbone, and is the second largest bone in the body. There are two bones in the shin area ...


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fibula and tibia bones anatomy. this image shows the anatomy of the fibula and tibia bones (the bones of the leg) in relation to each other ,displaying the different features and parts of them ,fibula (on the left) and the tibia (on the right) showing: "tibia" 1. medial condyle 2. tibial