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A convenience store clerk in Show Low, AZ once told me that only the oldest of stumbling indian drunks from the reservation buy Thunderbird. Avaliable in 750 mL and a devastating 50 oz jug. The history of Thunderbird is as interesting as the drunken effects the one experiences from the wine.


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4. Thunderbird . What it is: "The American Classic", Commie! Also, "Citrus wine with natural flavors and caramel color… vinted and bottled in Modesto". Commie. ABV: 17.5% Taste-test: Apparently ...


One of the most popular with Wine-Searcher users compared with other wines from California.A diverse array of wines are made by this producer including those from grapes Barbera, Vermo ... Stores and prices for 'Thunderbird 'The American Classic' White, California' | prices, stores, tasting notes and market data.


NEW RATING SYSTEM: We here at the Great Bum Wine Review have decided that, ... subsisted on a diet of "bread fried in fatback and three gallons of Thunderbird wine a week." I'd never heard of a wine called Thunderbird before, but with a name like that it warranted further investigation. Lo and behold, Google and I stumbled upon the seedy ...


Ranking the Top 5 Bum Wines, From Thunderbird to Mad Dog 20/20. Some call it "bum wine" or "brown bag vino." But the cultured call it "fortified wine." By Thrillist, Contributor. Everything worth caring about in food, drink, and travel. 01/16/2014 11:09am EST | Updated December 7, 2017.


Thunderbird Wine and Cheese Tour 2019. Prices: $100. ... Classic Tour- Interested in the Thunderbird Lodge but not ready for the special Wine and Cheese option? ... REVIEWS. Leave a comment if you have a review or feedback. Leave a comment. To Purchase Select a Day. Locations.


Night Train Express 17.5% alc. by vol. Don't let the 0.5% less alcohol by volume fool you, the Night Train is all business when it pulls into the station. All aboard to nowhere - woo wooo! The night train runs only one route: sober to stupid with no roundtrip tickets available, and a strong liklihood of a train wreck along the way.