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Brown vomit that reeks of fecal matter may be caused by backed up bowels due to severe constipation, notes UnityPoint Health. Vomited blood may also appear brown in coloration, which is usually attributed to minor health concerns, injuries or serious ailments.


Brown-colored vomit may indicate that a person is vomiting blood, according to Mayo Clinic. Vomiting blood can result from minor conditions, such as nose bleeds or a cut in the mouth, to major conditions, such as stomach ulcers, gastritis and pancreatic cancer, states H...


A person may have dark brown menstrual blood because the blood is old and has not been removed from the uterus for a while. This is a common condition, so there is no cause for alarm.


Dark brown urine can be caused by eating too much aloe or rhubarb or too many fava beans, according to the Mayo Clinic. It can also be caused by medications and certain diseases of the kidneys or liver. Urinary tract infections can also turn the urine dark brown.


The simplest way to make dark brown is to mix orange with a little black. To control the shade, mix white or black into the mixture.


Dehydration is one possible cause of dark brown urine, states Healthgrades. Dehydration increases urine concentration by reducing the amount of water in the urine. When the body loses water due to dehydration, the kidneys retain more water as a way of responding to the ...


Dark brown urine can be a symptom of liver malfunction, and one of the possible causes of liver malfunction is liver cancer, according to Mayo Clinic. Yellow eyes and skin accompanied by pale stool are additional signs of liver failure.