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Remedies for throwing up include gradually drinking clear liquids and avoiding solid foods during the duration of the vomiting episode, states WebMD. Women experiencing nausea due to morning sickness may eat a few crackers after waking up and a high-protein snack prior to going to sleep. Doctors may


A dog might vomit for a variety of reasons, ranging from eating too quickly, to more serious injuries or illness, according to WebMD. Sudden episodes may be due to a food intolerance, while chronic episodes may stem from an obstruction in the gastrointestinal tract. If the dog only vomits once, then


The answer to the riddle "what can you catch but not throw" is "a cold." The riddle is a play on colloquial verbiage when someone "catches a cold," meaning someone is infected with a rhinovirus that affects the sinus, nasal and breathing pathways in a human being.


Throwing a playing card involves a sharp snap of the wrist with a specialized grip to maximize spin. There are at least four grips that are effective for throwing cards: the Herrmann, Thurston, Rick Jay and Josh Hodge methods.


Leftover old paint, besides latex paint, should be disposed of through a local government's hazardous waste collection program if other alternatives to disposal are not available. Alternatives to disposal include storing the leftovers, painting something else, giving it away or using it as an absorb


To throw a football, hold it in your dominant hand, step forward with your non-dominant foot, draw your hand back, and whip it forward in a straight line. This process takes about two seconds and requires no equipment other than the football.


To throw a gyro ball, you must grip the ball as you would a fastball. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and snap your wrist as if throwing a curve ball. Finally, turn your wrist to add the unique spin of the gyro ball.


To throw a knife, use the proper grip, distance, stance and throwing technique. Throwing a knife requires you to be aware of several factors, including the type of knife you are throwing and the distance the knife needs to travel. These factors influence the type of grip and throwing motion that you


As of 2015, the United States throws away over 35 million tons of food each year, or about 220 pounds per person per year. That’s roughly 30 to 40 percent of the food that Americans buy.


The correct mechanics for throwing a football start with a small step off line to open the hips, followed by a short circular throwing motion, where the body rotates in the direction of the throw. The correct position prior to throwing the football is a sideways stance, with the throwing arm in the