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Causes of vomiting blood include gastritis, cirrhosis, stomach cancer, a stomach ulcer and esophageal cancer, according to Healthline. Throwing up blood can also be due to minor causes, such as swallowing the blood from a nosebleed or mouth injury.


To throw a football, hold it in your dominant hand, step forward with your non-dominant foot, draw your hand back, and whip it forward in a straight line. This process takes about two seconds and requires no equipment other than the football.


Throw a house party by inviting people, planning food, arranging activities and being a gracious host. The type of party determines the formality of the event, from the invitations to the food, but good house parties have the same basics.


A throw-out bearing, also called a clutch-release bearing, works by pushing on the springs of the clutch cover plate. These springs hold the clutch friction plate against the flywheel. This has the effect of releasing the drive from the engine through the gearbox.


Cats who throw up and are not eating may be suffering from kidney disease, according to the ASPCA. The ASPCA explains that cats with kidney problems are unable to effectively excrete waste products, leading to a dangerous build-up of toxins in the bloodstream. Acute kidney problems occur suddenly, w


A cat may vomit up blood for a number of reasons, including foreign bodies, such as hairballs; parasites, such as heartworms; and liver or kidney disease, according to Banfield Pet Hospital. Any vomiting indicates a potentially serious medical condition, and the cat should be taken to a veterinarian


According to the ASPCA, the most common reason for puppies to lose their appetite and vomit profusely is due to eating something they should not have. However, there are a variety of other medical issues which may cause similar digestive problems. Regardless, the best course of action is to take the


To throw a gyro ball, you must grip the ball as you would a fastball. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and snap your wrist as if throwing a curve ball. Finally, turn your wrist to add the unique spin of the gyro ball.


Making a throwing axe involves cutting a steel head, sharpening its leading edge and attaching it to a wooden handle. This procedure takes about two hours and requires a permanent marker, a piece of 1/4-inch steel plate, a 3/4-inch gauge metal pipe, safety goggles, a heavy shop apron, a grinder with


Possible causes for a dog to throw up blood, called hematemisis, could be irritation of the intestines and a disruption of the dog's esophagus, explains PetMD. Dogs may also vomit blood they swallowed due to mouth injuries. Dogs that are critically ill possess a higher risk of hematemisis.