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Dying, octopus, getting tangled in seaweed, he’ll pass out in the tunnel . Why was it so important for Jerry to swim through the tunnel? He wants to be with the older boys and be grown up. How does Jerry feel about himself after swimming thought the tunnel? Why? He’s scared because he almost died, so he feels a little accomplished but feels ...


Diving and swimming through a hole in a stone wall. What are the older boys doing on the rocky beach? 160 seconds. How long are the older boys underwater for? Like a failure, embarrassed ... What does Jerry feel as he goes through the tunnel? That he could die, that he had been under the water for a lot longer than he thought he would be.

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“Through the Tunnel” & The Hero Journey Name: Directions: Work with a partner to answer the following questions about the story. 1. Reread the following passage and answer the questions that follow: “Going to the shore on the first morning of the vacation, the young English boy stopped at a


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“Through the Tunnel” by Doris Lessing Selection Test Critical Reading In the blank, write the letter of the one best answer. ____ 1. What is the theme, or central idea, of “Through the Tunnel”? a. a boy’s rejection of his mother’s opinions b. an individual’s struggle to achieve difficult goals c. a mother’s failure to guide her son


Travelling through the Euro Tunnel? Is the Euro Star a different train to the one that the coaches and cars travel on? I have seen adverts for the Euro Star where people sit on it just like an ordinary train, but some friends recently went to France via the tunnel, and they said that they stayed in their coach.


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In "Through the Tunnel" by Dorris Lessing, many of the places in the story are symbolic of Jerry's passage from childhood to adulthood. The safe beach, the wild beach and the tunnel all represent different aspects of the boy's path to becoming a man.


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