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What Are the Different Types of Governments? By Remy Melina | February 14, 2011 12:57pm ET MORE; Here's a rundown of the various forms of government, with definitions provided by "The World ...


It is characterised by fair, free, and competitive elections between multiple distinct political parties, a separation of powers into different branches of government, the rule of law in everyday life as part of an open society, and the protection of human rights and civil liberties for all persons.


Within the modern nation-state, government operates at many different levels, ranging from villages to cities, counties, provinces, and states. Types of Government. Aristotle, a Greek political philosopher of the 4th century B.C., distinguished three principal kinds of government: monarchy, aristocracy, and polity (a kind of enlightened democracy).


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The three main types of radiation are alpha, beta, and gamma. However, neutrons are sufficiently important in nuclear physics to consider them as a fourth main type of radiation.


Confusing or not, government is also one of the most essential things a person can learn about since the government and economic system one lives under will affect the well being of a person more than almost anything else. The Types of Government. There are three major types of governments: Anarchy: no government


Types of Government. Most societies agree that the existence of government is morally justified. What they disagree about is the purpose of government and its scope. As a result, societies create different government structures based on their political ideology of what a government should do. This activity examines different types of government.


The Three Forms of City Government. There tends to be three different forms, or designs, of government when it comes to the governance of a city. These three different styles of government include the mayor-council form, the traditional commission form, and the council-manager form of city government.


Every country in the world is ruled by a system of governance that combines at least three or more political or economic attributes. [citation needed] Additionally, opinions vary by individuals concerning the types and properties of governments that exist. "Shades of gray" are commonplace in any government and its corresponding classification.


However, as with other political systems, there are different types of monarchies. The type that many of us think of as common is the absolute monarchy, in which the monarch truly has the ultimate say in matters of government. However, most monarchies in political systems today do not follow this method.