The thoracolumbar spine describes the area containing both the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae of the spine, states Radiology Master Class. It is typically referred to in the case of a spinal injury. More »

Spinal X-rays can diagnose arthritis of the joints between the vertebrae, the breakdown of the discs between the spinal bones, fractures, dislocations and various other disorders, states WebMD. Spinal X-rays can also hel... More » Health Diagnostics & Imaging

The Bonati Spine Institute treats medical conditions including herniated disks, sciatica, whiplash, pinched nerves and bone spurs, as explained on the institute's website. The physicians also treat degenerative disk dise... More » Health Diagnostics & Imaging

At birth, the human spine comprises 33 individual bones, called vertebrae, that are stacked atop each other. These interlocking bones are connected through elastic ligaments and spinal disks, which provide flexibility to... More » Science Human Anatomy

The lumbar spine is made up of vertebrae found in the lower back, says Spine-health. These vertebrae curve in toward the abdomen and begin 5 or 6 inches below the scapular bones. Doctors refer to these vertebrae alphanum... More » Science Human Anatomy

Hyaline cartilage tissue reduces friction at joints, supports bronchial and tracheal tubes, and acts as a shock absorber between vertebrae. It also maintains the shape and the flexibility of fleshy appendages. More »

The sternal angle is an anatomical landmark physicians use as a starting point for counting ribs and thoracic vertebrae. It is also used as a landmark for placement of a stethoscope. More »