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The Thomas Kinkade Company was built on integrity and trust as well as objectivity, partnership, innovation and high performance. These values continue to guide its business practices.


As of 2015, the vast majority of Thomas Kinkade art has very low collectible or investment value. Because the majority of the art sold as work by Kinkade is art prints or reproductions, too many copies of the same painting exist for any individual work to appreciate in ...


Thomas Kinkade was a very successful American artist, and the value of his paintings is mainly dependent upon four factors – whether it’s a Kinkade original or reproduction/print, its quality, its edition size and its availability. After Kinkade died in 2012 at the age ...


Artist Thomas Kinkade died of an accidental overdose of Valium and alcohol on April 6, 2012, at age 54. Following his divorce from his wife, his behavior became erratic and his alcoholism worsened. Kinkade was known for works that featured warm cottages and nostalgic sc...


Selling a Thomas Kinkade painting is as easy as posting an ad on Ebay, contacting a local auction house or placing it in an art gallery. However, different kinds of Thomas Kinkade paintings command different prices.


Thomas Kinkade library edition prints comprise a limited release of on-canvas reproductions of Kinkade's most famous paintings. Each Thomas Kinkade library edition print comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Thomas Kinkade Gallery locations display and sell paintings, prints and other items featuring the art of Thomas Kinkade or other artists working in the style of Kinkade. Kinkade's paintings usually focused on natural and small town themes and his painting style was know...