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What Comes in Groups of Nine? Things that come in groups of nine include the squares on a tic-tac-toe grid, the balls in a nine-ball pool game and the players on a baseball team. The fruits of the Holy Spirit number nine as well.


Several things come in groups of nine, including in politics, sports, games, and history. Nine is also an important number in some mythologies and literary works. The Supreme Court of the United States has nine justices on it. There are nine innings in a game of baseball, and nine balls are racked in nine-ball billiards.


Things that come in 9’s Story By: Andrew Frinkle Very few things come in 9’s. There are nine of them. Can you think of any? September is the 9th month. Baseball has 9 innings. A baseball team has 9 players. Tic-Tac-Toe has 9 squares. Nine Ball is a pool game. Golf is 9 holes. Is 9 o’clock your bedtime? Cats have 9 lives. Nines is a card game.


There are a number of things that come in groups of 8. Theseinclude batteries in a pack, crayons in a standard pack, 8 sides ofan octagon, as well as hot dogs in a pack.


LOL!! I like NO. 5, 6, and 9. My friend asked me when we were at the movies "Did you see that?" Now I can answer her question! hahah Some people got to think before they aks a question.


What are some things that come in groups of 21? Which is the easiest group? What is the biggest group on Facebook? What makes a good Facebook group? How can I create an effective group that solves problems? What are groups on Facebook? Are Yahoo groups succesful? What are Facebook groups?


Students went back to their table groups and brainstormed things that come in 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, and 9s in small groups. Some of the numbers were more difficult than others, but they got the idea.


Some things that come in a group of eight include: Legs on a spiderSides on an octagonChuckers in poloAccording to the Beatles, Eight Days a Week .


Things that come in 10’s Story By: Andrew Frinkle Lots of things come in 10’s. There are tens of them. Can you think of any? October is the 10th month. Do you have a $10 bill? Dimes are 10 cents. A decade is 10 years. Crabs have 10 legs. Squids have 10 limbs. Shrimp have 10 legs. Bowling has 10 pins.


What are some things that come in groups of 21? How come people can be so lazy when it comes to group projects? What things come under depression? What is interest group? Natali Jakarian, Researcher in high school but now a university student. Answered Nov 14, 2015 · Author has 2.4k answers and 4.8m answer views.