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Best Things to Do On Christmas Eve. dylan13217 The Top Ten. 1 Spend Time With Loved Ones. I like this better because some people do get carried away and think it is all about the toys and presents and it's not it is about spending love, time, and joy with your family and friends.


The weird and wonderful things people do on Christmas Day From opening savings account and filing tax returns, to burning down the house and making love (but not at the same time) Donna Ferguson


7 Annoying Things People Do During Christmas ft. MyLifeAsEva!! ... My name is Alisha Marie and I hope you enjoy this video about Annoying things people do during Christmas!! I do lots of videos ...


Here are 10 things to do on Christmas Day. We love our (busy) fun Christmas days, filled with all of the 10 things below! I hope that you can find a few of these to adopt as a family tradition, as well.


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50.. Do 5 things that are silly or ridiculous to you, and see if you get any life epiphanies.. 51.. If it’s snowing, sneak out early in the morning and make a family of Christmas men, positioning them mysteriously all over town.


Your family will love these fun things to do on Christmas Day and Christmas Eve. Start a new Christmas Tradition for your family with these entertaining family games that include Pin the Nose on the Reindeer, Reindeer Hunt, Christmas Trivia, Christmas Bi…


Things Parents Do On CHRISTMAS That Annoy YOU (Don't take this video too seriously, we LOVE our parents) haha God Bless :) We are SO excited for this GIVEAWAY! We can't wait to give away 2 Rose ...


The 25 Greatest Things About Christmas. By Belinda ... Christmas Trees: There is nothing more exciting the going to pick out a tree and gathering around with people you love to add all the lights ...


18 Things People Who Love Christmas Do In December ... Because this is the one month you listen to Christmas music for hours on end without being shamed. ... You say this to like five people a day: