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China also has really nice tea growing over there and Chinese people are very fond of tea. They drink it with their snacks. China was also the first country to cultivate and drink tea. This was a list of some famous things China is being known for all over, but this is still just not it. There is a lot of to do when you are in China.


Top 10 Things China is Famous for People’s Republic of China or China is among those countries which all the people around the planet have read about or know about it. This country was home to the globe’s first river valley civilization and since them it holds the fame of being home to several dynasties and types of people.


China is not a unknown name for anyone in this world. China is known for one of the most rich cultures and tradition, history. China is the 3rd largest country in the world and second largest in Asia after Russia. China has proven among giants in Olympics. Given below are the top 10 China is known for. 10. Forbidden City.


Top 10 Things China is Famous for. Article by surbhi jalan, August 13, 2014. China is a vast and amazing country with diverse cultures, famous attractions, huge population and rich heritage. On the east of China, there are great beautiful oceans and on the other side there are miles of desert.


China is commonly associated with many things including the Great Wall of China, their family planning policy, their population and the concentration of power in the Communist Party of China. China, officially known as the People's Republic of China, is a sovereign state located in East Asia.


Interesting facts about China: China is commonly known as the People’s Republic of China. The origin of the word “China” derives from the Qin dynasty. The first emperor of the Qin dynasty was Qin Shi Huang (260-210 BC). Throughout the century, the name of the capital of China has changed. It has been known as Dadu, Yanjing, and Beiping.


21 Bizarre Facts That You Probably Didn’t Know About China Think you “know” China or Chinese culture, but eating Chinese food one night at week does not qualify you to be a Chinese culture aficionado.


By the 7th century AD, distilled wine was known and widespread through China. The production of frozen brandy was widespread among Central Asian tribes in the frigid climate in the third century AD. This process was recorded in the Chinese compendium Records of the Investigations of Things by Zhang Hua of the Jin dynasty in 290 AD.


Suspension bridges were invented in China in 25 B.C, 1,800 years before such bridges were known in the West. [11] The first American woman to win the Nobel Prize was Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973) for her novels about China, most notably The Good Earth (1931).


China also holds the largest and most famous snow festivals, explains About.com. Aside from tourist attractions, the country is also famous for its inventions. The Chinese invented gunpowder during the ninth century, and China is the producer of many famous and potent teas.