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To easily paint a ceiling, remove all items in the room, use painter's tape to achieve a neat paint job and choose the appropriate ceiling paint. Additionally, prepare the necessary tools, including a trim brush, stepladder and a roller with an extension pole.


Applying masking tape around the perimeter of a ceiling while painting prevents a sloppy edge between the walls and ceiling. Use a long-handled paint roller to easily reach all areas of the sealing. Holding the roller at an angle prevents paint from dripping onto your head and clothing.


The best ceiling paints are Valspar Color Changing Ceiling Paint, Rust-Oleum Zinsser Ceiling Paint and Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint, according to Bestcovery.com. Pratt & Lambert Pro-Hide Silver Interior Latex Ceiling Paint is also one of the best.


The most important materials needed to paint a ceiling are drop cloths, a stepladder, a screwdiver, safety goggles and an old hat. The other materials needed are necessary for any painting project: a paint tray, a roller cage and cover, an extension handle, painter's tape and rags.


Painting the ceiling with clouds can create an atmosphere of soothing calm. It is easy to give an airy look to any room with the painted clouds on the ceiling. The base ceiling should be sky blue so as to paint white clouds. The materials needed are a cleaning broom, paper, pencil or marker, cloth,


Ceiling painting techniques are usually either categorized as decorative painting or faux finish painting. Decorative painting methods include glazing, painting clouds, using stencils and gilding. Popular faux finish painting techniques for ceilings are graining, distressing, ragging and sponging. P


The best paint for bathroom ceilings has a semi-gloss finish. This finish holds up to wear over time, is washable and resists mildew. Ceilings in any room tend to gather mildew as the heat and moisture rise, but the bathroom contains more steam and humidity than many other areas.


The best kind of paint to use on kitchen ceilings is a flat, matte acrylic, according to Designing Solutions and Apartment Therapy. This kind of paint is better because the finish absorbs light rather than reflecting it, keeping the attention on the walls and furnishings.


Plain glass ceiling light fixtures can be given a boost of energy with just a little imagination and effort. Before you start, confirm with your paint store that the paint you are using can withstand the high heat created by light bulbs. Some paints that withstand heat well need to be dried in a kil


To fix peeling ceiling paint, remove loose paint, apply patching material, sand the patch, prime the repairs and paint the ceiling. If patching the ceiling requires applying texture before painting, use a textured ceiling patch kit.