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4 years ago • Child Development Theories, Learning Theories & Models • 1 Object Relations Theory (Melanie Klein) Summary: A model of human psyche, transitioning from a paranoid-schizoid to a depressive position, while emphasizing the critical role of parental care during infancy.

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Maslow – Holistic Dynamic Theory Holistic Dynamic Theory assumes that the whole person is continually being motivated by one need or another and that people have the potential to grow toward psychological health, that is, self actualization. To attain self actualization, people


The importance of the Holistic Approach is that it Children learn different things at different stages, e.g. walking, talking, fine motor skills etc. Holistic development is the overall development of all areas of development in children. There are many proven techniques used in observing children.


Holistic education is a relatively new movement, which began taking form as an identifiable area of study and practice in the mid-1980s in North America. It is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, to the natural world, and to humanitarian values such as compassion and peace.


For generations parents and caregivers have been using scientific developmental milestones as an easy tool to measure their child's growth and progress. Every age, or stage of development, can be characterized by certain achievements or abilities that most children are expected to acquire during this time period.


Holistic education nurtures the development of the whole person. It is not just concerned with developing the human intellect or getting higher scores on bubble-tests. Like humanistic learning theories, holistic education seeks to help students grow and develop in all dimensions: emotional, psychological, creative, social, imaginative, physical ...


What Is Meant by Holistic Development? Holistic development is a process of self-actualization and learning that combines an individual's mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth. The term can be used to describe forms of alternative education that are based on the more humanistic and democratic outlooks. Its premise is that an ...


Chapter 1: Introduction to Child Development and Theories. This section deals with the holistic development of a child and for it, you need to go through the textbook ‘Birth to Big School’ and on the basis of what you need to describe the following things: Question 1: Describe the basic need of a child


Holistic Development of Children (Physical, Mind, Spiritual, Emotional & Social) Childhood is a sensitive phase of one’s life. The resources, and nurturing one receives during their childhood has a profound impact on their blossoming into adulthood.


Montessori Method (Montessori) 3 years ago • Child Development Theories , Learning Theories & Models • 1 Summary: The Montessori Method is an approach to learning which emphasizes active learning, independence, cooperation, and learning in harmony with each child’s unique pace of development.