Examples of middle school dance themes include Hollywood, various decades, tropical, country hoedowns and masquerades. The choice of a theme depends on the resources available and the amount of time allotted for preparat... More »

The themes of Toni Cade Bambara's short story, "Raymond's Run" include feminism, African-American family life, platonic connections based on empathy, the strengths of the African-American community and the African-Americ... More »

Students, parents, and teachers celebrate the passage of elementary students to middle school during elementary graduation. Themes usually are based on a combination of school motto, mascot, and school colors. More »

Some good themes for a winter formal dance include a ski-inspired theme or an ugly sweater theme. Some other ideas include a movie or music-themed dance or a snow and ice-inspired theme. More »

Examples of good projects for a middle school science fair include descriptive projects such as researched reports about global climate change, experimentation projects such as "What is the effect of caffeine on plant gr... More »

Examples of clothing stores that sell dresses suitable for masquerades include JCPenny and BigBallGowns. Etsy and eBay are examples of online marketplaces that sell masquerade dresses. More »

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Prom songs are typically suited for either fast dancing or slow dancing, each of which requires different skills. In either case, the individual should do his best to be considerate of his date's emotions and to avoid fe... More »

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