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To help get a better understanding for how different types of love work, let’s explore the three types of love defined by the Ancient Greeks. 1. Eros Eros is the type of love that most closely resembles what Western cultures now view as romantic love. The word stems from the Greek word erotas, which translates to “intimate love.”


While the Greeks are known for having four main types of love, there are three main types of love in the Bible. Whether you are a Christian or just want to learn more about other religions, it is important to learn more about these forms of love. In earlier translations of the Bible, the three types of love were considered Agape, Eros and Philos.


In closing, there is, of course, a kind of porosity between the seven types of love, which keep on seeping and passing into one another. For Plato, love aims at beautiful and good things, because ...


There are three types of love: 1) Eros love - known as "erotic love". It is based on strong feelings toward another. It usually occurs in the first stages of a man-woman "romantic" relationship. This love is based more on physical traits. Say a person says he has "fallen in love" for a woman, because "she looked like an angel" (sheesh).


Love in the form of Eros seeks its own interest and satisfaction—to possess the object of love. God is very clear in the Bible that eros love is reserved for marriage.. Promiscuity of all types was rampant in ancient Greek culture and was one of the obstacles the apostle Paul had to battle when planting churches in the eastern Mediterranean. Paul warned young believers against succumbing to ...


Types of Love . The three components of love interact in a systemic manner, working off of one another. The presence of a component of love and a combination of two or more components create seven kinds of love experiences.


There is a belief that we only fall in love with 3 people in our lives, and each one has a very specific purpose. Each one serves a different purpose in our lives, but they are all equally as important as the other. 1. The Fairy Tale Love. We grew up watching this type of love on movie screens, in TV shows, and hearing bedtime stories of the ...


Let’s talk about the three types of love. First, there’s eros love. This is need-based love. Physical attraction kind of love. To be passionate about, even intoxicated with, someone. You probably guessed that we get “erotic” from this word.


According to Kate Rose from Elephant Journal, it is said that you fall in love with three different people in your lifetime, and each kind of person you fall in love with is for a different reason in a different period of your life. Our first love is said to happen while we are young. For example, high school type young.


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