The three different types of dictatorships are autocracy, absolute democracy and authoritarian oligarchy. A dictatorship is a political regime in which the government is not restricted by the law. More »

There are three types of plate boundaries: convergent, when tectonic plates come together; divergent, when tectonic plates are moving away from each other; and transform, when two plates are sliding past one another. Eac... More »

The three main types of symmetry used in mathematics are reflectional symmetry, rotational symmetry and point symmetry. Other less common types of symmetry include translational symmetry, glide symmetry, helical symmetry... More »

The opposite of a democracy is an autocracy. A democracy is a government chosen by its citizens. An individual without the input of the country's citizens governs an autocracy. Autocratic rulers make economic, social and... More »

A democracy is a government in which the people possess the ultimate power, while a dictatorship is a government in which the ruler possesses all the power. The exercise of power in a democracy varies, as the people may ... More »

An autocracy is a system of governance whereby absolute power is held by a single person. Autocracies are similar to totalitarian regimes and dictatorships, but differ in several ways. More »

A military dictatorship is an autocratic form of government in which military leaders govern the state. Normally, they result from a coup that topples the government. Military dictatorships are prevalent in countries whe... More »