Temperate deciduous forests are forests that are dominated by trees that lose their leaves each year. These types of forest are found in areas with warm, moist summers and fairly mild winters. More »

Temperate deciduous forests are found in mid-latitude areas and experience both warm and cold air masses. This causes them to have four distinct seasons each year. More »

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Threats to deciduous forests include acid rain, clear-cutting of trees and introduction of non-native species. These threats jeopardize the atmosphere and lives of organisms living in temperate deciduous forests in sever... More »

In a temperate deciduous forest, the average precipitation per year ranges from 30 to 60 inches. This biome has four seasons, and the average precipitation amounts are evenly distributed throughout out the seasons. Tempe... More »

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Trees lose their leaves in the winter as they enter their dormant period in order to protect cells from freezing temperatures. In this stage, they no longer need the food that the leaves produce. Trees respond to changes... More »

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Pines are coniferous or evergreen trees that retain their leaves throughout the year. The pine tree does lose its old and mature needles after several years, though it is less noticeable because new needles sprout every ... More »

Deciduous forests are located in the eastern half of the United States, mid-Europe, Japan, New Zealand, eastern China, southwestern Russia, Chile and Paraguay. These regions are known as the temperate deciduous forest bi... More »

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