The tarsier is a small primate of the Tarsiidae family native to several islands of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. The nocturnal species spends much its time during the day resting as it clings to the trees of ... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Monkeys

The scientific name of the tarsier is "Tarsius." Tarsiers are mammals that can be found in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. As of 2011, there are 18 various tarsier subspecies. More » Science Biology Zoology

Tarsiers are primarily found in the rain forests of southeast Asian islands like Sulawesi, Pulau Peleng and Pulau Selajar. Some live in evergreen forests at sea level, while others are up in the mountains. More »

The woolly spider monkey is a rare primate found only in the Atlantic forests of southeastern Brazil. At 17 to 25 inches and 18 to 20 pounds, it is the largest monkey in the Americas. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Monkeys

Predators of the tarsier include cats, birds, large snakes and small carnivores. Tarsiers have a keenly developed awareness of their surroundings, allowing them to sense the presence of predators and use their strong hin... More »

The black spider monkey ranges throughout Central and South America, is the largest primate in the New World and is listed as vulnerable or endangered as of 2015. The black spider monkey is endangered due to habitat loss... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Monkeys

A lemur is a kind of primate that resembles a cross between a monkey and a squirrel. In the wild, lemurs live in trees on the island of Madagascar, which is off the coast of Africa. More »