A subpolar low front is a low pressure system that is small and fleeting. Subpolar lows are typically found over the ocean, near the primary polar fronts at the poles of the northern and southern hemisphere. In the north... More »

A front is a boundary between air masses that leads to a low pressure system as the atmosphere attempts to even out the temperature contrast. If there is enough moisture in the air, the uplift as these two air masses col... More »

According to About.com, areas of low pressure within the Earth's atmosphere are caused by unequal heating across the surface and the pressure gradient force. Incoming solar radiation largely concentrates at the equator, ... More »

The two units of air pressure used in meteorology are low pressure and high pressure. These two units of barometric pressure have a large influence with the weather on Earth. More »

Strong winds are most often caused by air moving from an area of high atmospheric pressure to an area of low pressure quickly over a small distance. This is called a strong pressure gradient force. More »

The boundary between two air masses is called a front. Fronts can be stationary, warm, occluded or cold and often affect the weather on Earth. More »

A weather front is where two air masses meet. Depending on the type of air mass movement involved, fronts can be cold, warm, stationary or occluded. Each type of front produces a specific type of weather. More »

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