"Like a Winding Sheet" is a short story written by Ann Petry. The story was published by Martha Foley in the 1946 volume of "the Best American Short Stories." More »

Ibalon is a Philippines epic that comes from a fragment of 60 stanzas that is said to be the source of the Philippines indigenous identity and the story follows the hero Handiong as he conquers the land of Ibalon, transf... More »

Narrative poetry is poetry that tells a story and has a plot. The poem does not have to rhyme, nor does it have to have a set length. More »

One sad poem, titled "Alone," and written by Edgar Alan Poe in 1829, tells a story of inner turmoil. The poem was not published until after Poe's death, but is dated one month after his foster mother had passed away. Poe... More »

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The poem "Beowulf" is set in Sweden and Denmark during the sixth century and tells the story of Beowulf, a Geatish warrior who fights monsters. The first creature Beowulf battles is called Grendel, a monster that has att... More »

The term epic poetry refers to long poems that recount the story concerning either a historical event or a mythic hero's journey or adventure. Some examples of epic poetry are the "Aeneid," "Iliad," "Odyssey," "Gilgamesh... More »

An usher board poem tells the story of the role of the usher in the church. Some usher board poems are long and detailed, while others simply explain the duties of the usher. They typically celebrate the duties of the us... More »